In Blogger there is no default option to add syntax highlighter.When we post any source code on the blogger then we are always scare about its readability.
It’s really a nightmare to add syntax highlighter in blogger, but when I went through a JavaScript tool named syntax-highlighter then I found it is very easy to add syntax highlighter in Blogger.
In this article I will describe the some steps to how to add syntax highlighter in blogger.

There are following steps to add syntax highlighter in blogger

  • First you have to take backup of your blogger template because you will change the html code of your blogger template. So it can be possible your template code may be crash.
  • Open your blogger template in html mode & copy the all css code from this link before the </b:skin> tag.

HighLighter in blogger

  • Copy the flowing code before the</head>



  • Before the </body> tag, add the following source code.

  • Save the blogger template.
  • Now your syntax highlighter is ready. When you want to post your source code on blogger then just simply open the page in html mode and paste the source code between the <pre></pre>Tag.

 Some Important points

  • Only copy the CSS script of required language.
  • Before saving the template , you should see the preview of implemented source code.