C Tutorial

c tutorial

The aticleworld provides the free platform for c tutorial. Here you will find the all the topics related to c language with lots of practice questions.


1variable in c language
2variable scope and storage class
3operators in c language
4signed and unsigned integers in c
5const qualifier
6increment and decrement operator
7important points of enumeration
8application of typedef
9internal,external and none linkage
10volatile qualifier
11all about switch case
12Brief introduction of array
13All about pointers
14access two-dimensional array using pointers
15pass an array as a parameter
16use arithmetic operator with pointers
17find sizeof array without using sizeof
18dangling,void,null and wild Pointers
19application of void pointer
20function pointer in c struct.
21all about structures
22structure padding and memory alignment
23all about union
24understanding of bit field
25size of structure in c without using sizeof operator
26structure of function pointers
27importance of struct hack in c
28flexible array member in c
29application of volatile and const
30Introduction of dynamic memory allocationt
31dynamically allocate a 1D and 2D array
32Problem with Dynamic Memory Allocation
3315 Common mistakes with memory allocation
34Replacing nested switches with the multi-dimensional array
35implement finite state machine in c
36set,clear or toggle a single bit in c
375 way to reverse bits of an integer
385 ways to check if two integers have opposite signs
39write your own strncpy
40implementation of memmove
41Implementation of memcpy
42implementation of atoi
43reverse a string without using library function
44difference between memmove and memcpy
45code to generate the map of India
46XML Request for server communication
47http get and post methods for server communication
48Socket programming in c using TCP/IP
49ssl server client programming using openssl
50concept of endianness
51concept of endianness
52program to check leap year
53program to check prime number
54find all prime numbers up to n using trial division and Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm
55Find the largest and second largest element in an array
56find the smallest and second smallest element in an array
57C vs Assembly language
5812 Steps in Mastering C Language
598 Tips to Increase the Performance of Your “C” Code
60Important Question Related to const qualifier
6110 questions about dynamic memory allocation
62100 c interview questions
63Top 15 string Interview Questions in C
64interview questions on bitwise operators in c
65Applications of function pointer in C
66How to access pointer inside a structure in c
67Difference between dangling pointer and memory leak
68Program to Count Number of Words in a Given String and File
69Token Pasting Operator in c
70C program to check valid date
71Check expiry date
72typedef vs #define in c
73if else in c, some important programming exercises
74Writing Secure Code in C
75Fibonacci Series Program In C
76Return multiple values from a function in C
77Introduction to linked-list
78Linked List Insertion
79Delete a Linked List node
80Write a function to reverse a linked list
81Rotate a Linked List
82Find Length of a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive)
83C Program to Search an element in a Linked List using Iterative and Recursive
84Generic Linked List in C
85Pointer to string array in C
86Pointers as Member of Structure in C
87Delete a node in linked list without head pointer

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