10 Best Laptop For Programming, you should know before starting.

Best Laptop For Programming

Before working as a software engineer, you should know the best Laptop For Programming. It helps you to reduce the development time and increase your performance. Nowadays there is a lot of SDK and editor that requires a good processor and ram.

If you are not aware of your SDK and editor then less amount of ram and the weak processor can create a big problem for you. Previously I have worked on a plugin project where I have faced problem due to less amount of ram and weak processor.

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In this article, I have tried to discuss the importance of ram, processor, storage and how they impact the performance of your development.

How to choose the best Laptop for Programming?

There are a lot of factors to select a laptop for the programming. In below list, I have mentioned some important factors that help you to select the best laptop.


A processor is the brain of your machine. It controls the working of all of the hardware and software. Sometimes processor referred to as the Central Processing Unit (CPU). As a programmer, we have to perform multitask that means need to open different IDE or browser with several tabs.

At the time of executing or code debugging, we also require a good processor. Previously I have worked on a casino game where we used C++ as a programming language and visual studio as a development IDE.  During the development, we have found that the development machine hangs for a while at the time of loading the games.

We have tried to resolve this issue and we found that our codes have several threads and our processor not capable to handle that amount of threads. So it is very necessary your development machine should have a good processor. It is my recommendation at least your machine should have the i5 processor. It will be great if your machine has the i7 processor.


RAM (random access memory) is a form of computer data storage. It is a volatile memory, it stores data and information temporarily while the computer is running. Whenever you open the browsers, games or any applications, they execute in RAM. You can say that all application of your computer executes in RAM.

So ram is an important factor to increase the performance of your laptop. At least your machine should have 8GB ram and it will be great if it has 16GB ram. If you don’t have the budget, you can purchase a 4GB laptop because in future you can increase the amount of ram as per your requirement.

Hard disk drive:

Before purchasing the laptop, you should aware of the size of the hard disk drive. A hard disk drive (HDD) is also called, hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk, It is an electromechanical data storage device. Unlike the RAM, a hard disk drive kept the data after the powered off. This is the reason when you restart the computer, you get back your all stored data.

So at the time of purchasing a laptop or PC, you should keep the size of a hard disk in your mind. There are few most popular hard drive manufacturers like Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, and Toshiba. you can purchase the hard disk drive from the manufacturer’s store, website as well as sites like Amazon, Banggood, FastTech, and arrow direct.

Graphics Card:

A graphics card is what your pc or laptop uses to handle games and graphics. for many programming functions, the graphics card isn’t necessary.

If you are a game developer or working on rendering software, then your PC or laptop should have the graphics card. There is a lot of graphics card manufacturer like NVIDIA.

Battery Life:

If you mostly work at places where the power supply is not available, then you should select the laptop that has a longer battery life. If the battery life of your laptop is no longer, then it creates a problem and become a hurdle.

Nowadays there is a lot of laptops available at the cheap price in the market that has a good battery.


Recommended Laptops for the programmer


Processor: Intel CoreTM i3-6006U (2 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)

Graphic Card: AMD RadeonTM 520 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)

Storage: 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive


Processor: GHz Intel core_i5_7200u processor

Graphic Card: NVidia geforce gt 940mx

Storage: 1TB Serial ATA hard drive


Processor: Intel core i5-8250U processor

Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce MX150

Storage: 1TB 

RAM: 8Gb Ddr 4 Ram 2400 Mhz

Processor: Intel Coretm I7 8550U Processor (8Th Gen) 8M Cache, 1.80 Ghz With Turbo Boost Upto 4.0 Ghz

Graphic Card: Nvidia Geforce 940Mx, 2Gb Gddr5 Graphic Card / Fhd Anti-Glare 15.6 (1920X1080) 60Hz With Led Backlit Panel

Storage: 1TB 


Processor: 2.8GHz Intel Quad Core i7 Processor

Graphic Card: Radeon Pro 555 2GB Graphics

Storage: 256GB Solid State hard drive


Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core i5

Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 6000

Storage: 128GB Solid State hard drive


Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core i5

Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 6000

Storage: 256GB Solid State hard drive


Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce MX150

Storage: 1TB hard drive

Do you agree with our recommendations? what is the configuration of your laptop and which laptop you use primarily for programming? Let us know in the comments below. We keep this post updated with the latest hardware so keep checking this page for fresh updates.


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