People more concerned about the “RAM”,when he purchase a laptop, Desktop or any smartphone. Most of the people have no idea about the random access memory and its working. SO in this article I am trying to clear the concept and importance of RAM.


What is Importance of Random Access Memory?

RAM is the abbreviation of “RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY”. Previously information and data had stored on magnetic tapes in reels. Whenever you want to access a data from any location then you had to rewind the tape to the beginning and search the desire location to fetched the data. But with random access memory we don’t have to do that anymore. Now days without losing the time CPU directly retrieve the desire location data randomly. So RAM making the computer faster and more efficient.

Why need to a big size RAM ?

It is a part of computer main memory. It is a volatile memory, it store data and information temporarily while the computer is running. Whenever you open browser, game or any application, then they will be goes into the RAM, in the other word all application of your computer execute in RAM.

For more understanding consider a scenario where you opened your browser, Photoshop and PDF reader. Your friend comes to your home and say let’s play the game and you agreed with your friend but what happened? When you start to play the game your computer being slow. You didn’t understand why it was running slow.
Actually in computer all application execute in random access memory.When you try to play the game your computer need more RAM space to execute the game application but there is no space that’s why your computer running slow.


In this situation you just open the task manager and end the unwanted application which are running, now everything are ok.

How to load OS and application in random access memory?

You think if RAM is volatile memory then how to load the OS and application from the hard disc to RAM? When you turn off your computer there is no power supply. RAM would be empty because ram is a volatile memory.

When you powered-up or restarted a computer there is no data in ram in this situation BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) take responsibly to load OS from the hard disc to ram.Basically BIOS is the firmware code that typically lives on flash memory on your motherboard.

There are some features of RAM

  • It is example of volatile memory. Volatile memory lose all data when power is turned off.
  • It is a part of computer main memory.
  • We can read and write desire data from any memory location.
  • Using a linker script we can put data or code at a specific location.
  • RAM device allows data items to be accessed in almost the same amount of time. Data access time does not depend upon the physical location of data inside the memory.