batch file for loop

batch file for loop

Like other programing language batch script support the looping. In this article, I will explain the batch file for loop and describe some example to how we can use the batch file for loop in our program.

Batch File For Loop Syntax,


Parameters for the batch script for loop


%%VarName => declaration of the variable for the “for loop” executed once.

Note: for the command prompt you can use %VarName.

List => list is the values for which for loop will be executed.

iteration_Code =>  Code block which is executed for each iteration.


You can see this article, Batch file commands.

Batch file for loop example


In the above program, I have created a list which contains the elements 10, 20,30 and 40. So, for every element of the list, the for loop will be executed and print the corresponding value.

batch file for loop


Batch script for loop for the range values (FOR /L)

In the batch file, we can also execute the statements according to the given range.



/L => /L signifies that for loop is used for iterating through a range of values.

Expression1: It is an initial value ( lower limit )for the loop.

Expression2: It is the value which will add in the initial value after each iteration.

Expression3: It is the last number for the loop.

Note: If three expressions are 0, then the body will execute indefinitely.

Let see an example, where I am echoing value from 0 to 5


When you will run the above batch file, you will get below output.

batch file for loops

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